Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What God wants from us??

God-humans - an eternal relation..! human mind can go beyond limits, man has reached on the moon even. But what does create an ado in life is inability to reach to the almighty. Have you ever listened what God is telling to you? Have You ever found yourself lonely, surrounded by problems, sadness and finding no ways to come out from this garbage? You might have told to God, 'Why me?'

'Future', many of our worries are related to this term. To deal with this, least one can do is not to worry about future at all. Confused? Well, God is telling us to' think' about future, not to 'worry' about it. Simply just think about future, make enough plans, which suits you and then just be blind for the worries about the future, and start working to fulfill your desires. God is there for the whole life, then why not to leave the worries of future for God? What God wants is Trust and Faith. If you have full faith in God then he won't put you in any trouble. Believe it. Be honest, act wisely,differentiate between good and evil and try to keep yourself away from vices which leads you away from the great almighty.

"Do not put anything ahead of God, your Creator", this quote tells a lot for life. It's all about 'Faith'.God is not unjust nor is he unkind. He judges each human being equally. It is our past deeds which paints our present. So don't blame God for any kind of misery that you are suffering now. Remember, Whatever happens, happens for good. Maybe to make you strong, maybe to give you something much better, maybe to give happiness after sadness, maybe to make you realize that you were going far away from your creator, and maybe to make you a good human being, to keep the doors of heaven opened for you....!!

God just wants you to be happy, believe it. Have faith in your God. And lead your life in the way God expects from you. Love your God. "Forgive others, and you will be forgiven."

That is all God wants from us.